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1st-Dec-2007 05:26 pm - Fun stuff - Morbid Fact Du Jour
Vlad & Mina

Their archive: http://asylumeclectica.com/asylum/morbid/archives/index.html

They also have a Fact Du Jour e-mail available. :)

EDIT - Avoid their "Malady of the Month" section, unless you're interested in graphic images of painful medical conditions. :(
25th-Oct-2007 04:26 pm - Waverly Hills Pics
Claudia art pic
If you haven't seen the pics of Waverly Hills over on abandonedplaces, go look here.

Did anyone else see the Ghost Hunters episode on this earlier this season? Anyone planning to watch the Halloween show?
19th-Sep-2007 09:47 am - Great site for audio horror stories.

I found them on iTunes, but they only have about half of the episodes on there. So I checked the website and saw their complete archive. So, I have been listening to these off and on for the last couple weeks. Most of it is pretty good stuff. There is a lot of variety from the gross to the creepy to the funny.

If you like short horror stories that are about 15-25 minutes long. Go check it out.
merciful madness
I'm catching up on my DVR'd episodes of A Haunting, and I have to say, I'm really rather disappointed and disgusted at their direction this season. Suddenly, everything is demons and needs an exorcism. And at least two of the purported demonologists they've employed have been people that were students of Ed and Lorraine Warren. If I recall, the Warrens were made famous by their investigation of the Amityville Horror and the Smurl House. Unfortunately, most of their work (especially the Amityville case) has been quite thoroughly discreditied.

The two episodes that irritated me the most were alleging that "Satanic activity" caused demon possession of people who subsequently moved into the house or investigators trying to deal with disturbances in the building after the alleged Satanic activity ceased. In one case, in the episode entitled The Possession, their main "proof" of Satanic activity was a pentagram drawn on the floor, and they alleged that the pentagram in and of itself was dispositive evidence of Satanic activity.

Later edit: It's been pointed out to me, quite correctly, that these people are insulting the Satanists as well. Satanism isn't what it's portrayed to be on these shows anymore than paganism is Satanism. They aren't the same thing, and neither one involves stupid hysterical nightmare scenarios straight out of bad movies and heavy metal videos. Really, I should have chewed the "demonologist" out for ignorant prickness in general because it's obvious he's completely ignorant about all occult activity.

I've been involved with Wicca and various forms of paganism for most of my adult life. I own several pentagrams, and I have friends who wear them daily and who would be outraged if someone associated them with Satanism. (Also added later: And really, what we all ought to be outraged and appalled at is that this stereotype of the occult in any form is still being barfed into our culture.)

I was appalled by this piece of bigotry, and I emailed the "demonologist" and told him that I was sure he knew better than to say such things, and remonstrated with him rather strongly for fostering bigotry. (I try not to have a persecution complex, but guys like this bring it out in me.)

I'm thinking he's possessed by a demon of bad grammar, because this is what I received from him:Collapse )
25th-Jun-2006 06:02 pm(no subject)
Pirate Kitty
Sci Fi Channel is about to show a documentary called "Spooked: The Ghosts of Waverly Hills". (6PM CDT)
18th-Jun-2006 06:06 pm(no subject)
Pirate Kitty
An amazing abandoned asylum site.

12th-Jun-2006 11:00 am - Demons?
I was watching "A Haunting" this weekend (I had a bunch of them on the DVR), and I've noticed that they're very fond of ascribing at least some of the problems of the people being haunted in their stories to demonic activity.

While I think such a thing is possible, I don't really think it's all that prevalent. And I've never seen anything to give me real evidence of it.

Has anyone else here seen any evidence of demonic activity?

I'm not Christian, although I was raised Catholic. Quotes from scripture prove nothing to me, but if you've actually seen an exorcism, I'd be willing to consider unusual happenings involved with that as evidence. And anything else, from any religious background (or none, if that's possible) is also something I'd consider as real evidence. Essentially anything you've got, as long as it doesn't just amount to "the Bible says..."

What do ya'll think? Is there such a thing as demons?
27th-Apr-2006 04:16 pm - I am a big fan of this guy.
Mr. Creep works for a competing haunted house, The House of Torment. Machelle and I met him last year when we toured the other local houses. He was such a nice guy. He makes some amazingly gorgeous yet gross dolls called Corpse Patch Kids.

Check out his work at http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j248/Corpse_Patch_Kids/

This is a guy that truly gets the fun of horror. Machelle and I had a great time talking to him about the dolls. He talked about the work that goes into them, and when you see them you can tell it is a lot. Like I said he was such a nice, humble gracious guy, you kinda forgot that he looks like he was just dug out of a grave.

Check out his myspace site at http://www.myspace.com/mr_creep
4th-Apr-2006 06:56 pm - Pictures of abandoned hospital
I went to a doctor about a tendonitis problem with my hand today. The guy's office is in a building attached to an abandoned hospital. There's grass growing all over the parking lot. It feels very empty. The windows are all boarded up, but I still felt like there was something in there.

I took a couple of pics on my PDA.Collapse )
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