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Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious, Spooky
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Welcome to Creeptastic. This is where we want the extraordinary to be ordinary.

This community is for creepy happenings, locales, and critters (cryptozoology, anyone?).

Some here enjoy Ouija boards, and stories about them are welcome; we’d prefer you read the instructions that come with them before asking questions.

We’re very fond of our demons, so please don’t ask us how to exorcise them.

As far as UFO’s go, we’re taking a page out of Obi-Wan’s book, and going with ‘UFO Free Paranormal’.

Rule 1: Be coherent. We don't expect perfect English, but we do expect to be able to understand what you write without having to work hard at it. We expect the members of this community to communicate like adults, with reasonably grammatical sentences and spelling.

L33t or AOL-speak will result in banishment. (Use of such is also grounds for being publicly mocked before being banned.)

Rule 2: Keep it on topic. Posts that make others want to do more research are highly encouraged, as are stories that make body hair stand up and shimmy.

Stories that end with mundane explanations for the seemingly supernatural will attract interest as well.

Rule 3: All images go behind a cut.

Disclaimer: If you post something stupid or impossible to read, you can (and likely will) be made fun of. It's one of those risks that happens in life